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The Epic Of Agamemnon Steals Briseis - 924 Words

In the beginning of the epic, Agamemnon steals Briseis which sends Achilleus in a whirlwind of emotions, and anger becomes the main focus. Anger is an emotion that causes Patroklos’ death. Throughout the epic, Achilleus begins to enjoy his anger more, causing him to become more spiteful towards Agamemnon. When the battle begins to look awful for the Achaeans, Agamemnon rushes to the best warrior in the Greek country, Achilleus. However, Achilleus has no reason to fight for Agamemnon and the Achaians because he has everything he needs, not mentioning his anger brewing since the beginning of the epic. Now the Achaians are struggling to fight, Achilleus is relaxing in his tent, and Patroklos is left to fight for his side in Achilleus’ place because Achilleus does not want to reconcile with Agamemnon. Achilleus’ anger causes Patroklos’ death. When Patroklos requests to fight for Achilleus, Achilleus allows him even though he knows it will end in Patroklos†™ doom. Achilleus knows Patroklos will die because after Patroklos leaves we see Achilleus pray: But when he was beaten back from the ships their clamorous onset, then let him come back to me and the running ships, unwounded, with all his armor and with the companions who fight close behind. (XVI.246-248) Achilleus’ anger is a major theme that echoes throughout the epic; however, we realize this anger is not a mature anger, rather a childish anger which signifies Achilleus’ youth in the Iliad. In the first few booksShow MoreRelatedThe Iliad Script1479 Words   |  6 PagesBronze Age, throughout time, man has waged war. Some for power, some for glory , some for honor and some for love †¦ war has also noble reasons other than greed and foolish pride. And were here to present some highlights of Iliad, one of the greatest epic story, written by homer. Scene 2 : Helen and Paris Helen: ( she will stop brushing her hair in front of the mirror when she see Paris) Paris †¦. Paris: (he will continue to stare at her) You’re still beautiful and fairer Helen ( he will come at Helen’sRead MoreThe Eruption Of The Iliad1558 Words   |  7 PagesTrojan War might stand as one of the most relevant events in Greek mythology. A raging war between kings and gods alike shed blood bath, eventually bringing Troy to a crumble. Was the war intended to be a battle between the mortals? Throughout the epic of Homer’s The Iliad, the gods take on human characteristics, allowing their feelings guide them, intervening, through the war. Before the war began, there was a wedding feast to honor Thetis and Peleus, Achilles’ parents. The goddess Eris wasRead MoreThe Trojan War : A New History With His Narrative1670 Words   |  7 Pageswars fought in all time in his book The Trojan War: A New History with his narrative skill and swiftness in interpreting a good antiquated tale of indignity and deception. The book re-studies Homer’s well-known work, the Iliad, along with the cycle of epic poems, examining evidence of the Bronze Age from the Mediterranean to the Near East. Homer’s description of the Trojan War truly did take place due to the archeological evidence found in the 1980s. It has reinforced that around 1200 B.C.E., the city-stateRead More Honor as the Theme in Homer’s The Iliad Essay2033 Words   |  9 Pagesthe boundaries of religion, age, race, gender, etc. Two examples of this great and classic literature are the epics of Homer which are quite well known around the world even if, ironically, they were never written and were first composed in Ancient Greek—The Iliad and Odyssey. Both epics are famous for the literariness therein, but more than that is the theme that spins around the two epics—the importance of honor. In The Iliad, this is shown more than ever, and amidst the thousands of deaths, theRead MoreThe Iliad Essay1153 Words   |  5 PagesHomer’s epic The Iliad, is a great tale of war and glory. It takes place during the last year of the ten year Greek-Trojan war. The Greeks have been fighting with the Trojans for quite some time, and just when peace seemed like a possibility, the youngest prince of Troy, Paris, acts out selfishly and steals the beautiful wife of Menelaus, Helen. This instigates the fighting again. Throughout The Iliad, Homer tells of two heroes, both similar, but also very different in their character; the greatRead MoreThe Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Iliad2165 Words   |  9 Pages Student’s Name Instructors’ Name Course Name Date Gilgamesh and Achilles as Portrayed in the Writings â€Å"Epic of Gilgamesh† and â€Å"The Iliad† â€Å"Epic of Gilgamesh† and â€Å"The Iliad† presented conflict between the ancient kings, the gods, and finest warriors with other ordinary community members. Throughout the writings Gilgamesh, the king of Uru Community, and Achilles, one of the greatest Greek warriors, struggled to resolve the conflicts between the gods and their community members. However, GilgameshRead MoreThe Timeless Truths of Homers Iliad1784 Words   |  8 PagesHutchinson Ms. Spicer AP Literature 20 August 2010 Homers Timeless Truths Is Homers The Iliad relevant to todays society? Is this work a timeless parable depicting universal human truths transcending time and context or merely a superbly-crafted epic poem to be studied and admired for its stylistic brilliance? Has the text endured simply because of Homers dramatic verse or because of the timeless human truths it conveys? Was it written to persuade readers to question the moral implications and

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