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Saif Asso Essays - Fashion, Fads, Body Piercing, Tattoo,

Saif Asso Professor Brender ENGL 1180 13 February 2015 "Judging by the cover " ( 661) Do first impressions matter ? They say you can't judge a book by its cover, yet we do make assumptions about people based on their cover every day. When we meet a person for the first time, image is everything, almost as the person is a product or basically a book. Although we cannot tell what the book contains inside, we often look at the outside. For example, physical appearance to give us clues about the person. A first impressio n is long lasting and has the power make or break a situation. Should physical appearance than dictate which jobs they're eligible for? Every individual has the right to be accepted. Our family and peers might do that but employers do not. Employe rs pay attention to clothing, piercings, hairstyle, and tattoos. We can never be too careful when trying to make a great impression. Maintaining a professional image could be difficult to some, as they like to express themselves with the images they want. The reality is that hiring managers are within their rights to not hire someone with a visible tattoo or facial piercings that believe could be offensive or appropriate in their workplace or with the customers. In fact, it's very common for employers to have a dress code policy that require employees to remove pierci ngs when working or cover tattoos with clothing or makeup as long as it is addressed in the employee handbook. If the business does not mention this policy, it is illegal for them to discriminate agai nst the employee. There is protected employment laws . Employers are not allowed to discriminate employees against age, gender, ethnicity, disability, age, or pregnancy. However, there are no laws that prohibit discrimination against tattoos, piercings, hairstyle, and so on. While it may not be fair to judge someone within a tattoo or piercing, it does happen. A lot of jobs require employees to be customer facing, having piercings, tattoos, and dramatic hair color could be disrupting to the customer and can create a bad image for the company. What's more important, body modifications or the chance of getting a job? Unnatural hair colors ( pink, blue, green, etc.) will be an issue for all employers, dramatic hairstyles, facial piercings, and tattoos are unnecessary. D ress and appearance presents us as a person. It just doesn't make sense to go into an in terview for a position with an appearance describing a person to be someone else. "It all comes down to this-there are plenty well-qualified of applicants and most present themselves in a way my industry considers professional, so there was no compelling reason to choose someone that will offend my customer or poorly represent my company."(662) While some employers are against bodyworks, piercings, and dramatic hair colors, others are embracing it. If the employees choose a position where they don't need to interact with customers, they have a better chance of not having problems at work. Some people pursue an artistic career, this might be the way they express themselves. There are careers that welcome art work and piercings. Tattoos and piercings are accepted in creative arts. For example, music, art, writing, acting, and painting. Body art and unusual hai r colors scream " I'm different". Every person has the right to create themselves as a person the way the want to. Having tattoos and piercings to some people are valuable, because it expresses their emotions, self-image, and memories. As an individual, they have the right to be the person they want to be. There was a law back then that said women should not wear pants at the workplace, as of now, it is acceptable. As generations develop, more and mor e employees are being faced with people that are this way. Which could change the employee's point of view. We as humans, are very judgmental People. Our sense of vision is very strong, and we tend to look at what's different than usual. Only if we can put judgments away and look deeper into everything we do or see. People should respect the way a person wants their